Thousand Oaks, CA- On May 7, 2018, the Representative Council of the Unified Association of Conejo
Teachers (UACT), the union representing the classroom teachers and other certificated employees of the Conejo
Valley Unified School District, voted unanimously to endorse Bill Gorback, Cindy Goldberg, and Jenny
Fitzgerald for the CVUSD School Board. The Representative Council is the policy-making body of UACT
which is comprised of representatives from each school site and job classification.

“Our Representative Council deliberated long and hard about this decision,” said Randy Smith,
President of UACT. “In the end, we felt these three community members are best-suited to move us into the
next era of the CVUSD. We have successfully maintained a positive working relationship with the current
board even though we have disagreed with some of the decisions that have been made in the past. Despite that,
UACT has decided to put its support behind candidates we feel will maintain the Board’s focus on productive
discourse, governance, and insuring a high-quality education for all of our students.” Doug Freed, UACT
Political Action Chair said, “We followed our historical practice of written and oral interview questions for all
eight of the declared candidates. Our interview panel deliberated into the early hours of the morning- it was not
an easy decision given how many quality candidates there are. The decision to start the process this early was
also one we did not arrive at easily. This election is far too important for us to wait until the fall to get started.
We need to take a different approach to our campaign and get our members and community educated about Bill,
Cindy, and Jenny immediately.” Susan Pease, elementary teacher said, “I am really excited about our decision.
These three amazing people have a proven track record of dedication to education, the CVUSD, and have an
understanding of what we do in our classrooms every day.”