"I am honored to be endorsed by UACT - having the approval of our Conejo Teachers is so important..."
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Endorsements from individuals* across the community.

  • Henry Stern: (CA State Senate)
  • Jacqui Irwin: (CA State Assembly)
  • Pat Phelps: Trustee CVUSD Board of Education
  • Mario Contini: retired Superintendent of CVUSD
  • Jeff Barstaad: retired Superintendent of CVUSD
  • Dianne McKay: College District Board Trustee
  • Mike Soules: President Corwin Press; President Conejo Schools Foundation
  • Karen Sher: Trustee, Oxnard Union School District
  • Dr. Timothy Stephens: former CVUSD School Board Trustee
  • Peggy Buckles: former CVUSD School Board Trustee
  • Jeff Davis: former Director Secondary Education, CVUSD; Assistant Superintendent, HR, Ventura Unified School District
  • Terry McCallum: Founding Board Member, Conejo Schools Foundation
  • Jason Nyhan: Chair, Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce Education and Workforce Development Committee
  • Frank Laguardia: Arts Educator
  • Judy French: PACERS National Bullying Prevention Program
  • Marshall Denninger: Measure I Bond Committee Chair, Measure I Steering Committee, Former PTA President, Former DAC member
  • Patti Yomantas, former 12th District PTA President; founding member of the Conejo Schools Foundation
  • Sue Wells: former 12th District PTA President; Executive VP, Conejo Schools Foundation
  • Denise Reader: past President, National Charity League; Vice President, Conejo Schools Foundation
  • Paula Nathan: Immediate Past President, Conejo Council PTA
  • Irene Pugh: past President, Conejo Council PTA
  • Randi Dennen: past President, Conejo Council PTA, Treasurer, Conejo Schools Foundation
  • Jill Magnante: Teacher
  • Sonia Corlew: Teacher
  • Laura Pewe: Teacher
  • Joardan Daigneault: Teacher
  • Ashley Cooper: Teacher
  • Lora Novak: Teacher
  • Doug Freed: Teacher
  • Joe Joyce: Realtor
  • Julie Freedman: Odyssey of the Mind Tournament, GATE DAC
  • Jean Bridges: DAC executive board member and representative

*Membership or leadership roles of individuals in an organization are provided for identification purposes only.