• Building Our Future Together!

Thank You

I am so pleased to announce that election results today indicate I won a seat as a trustee on the CVUSD school board. I am truly humbled and honored by the support shown to me by family, friends, and community members. I don’t do things alone. I have been fortunate to have had a great team working with me during this campaign. Couple that with the extraordinary grassroots efforts of Conejo Together and we have succeeded in restoring our board. I am thrilled to know that Jenny Fitzgerald and Bill Gorbach also won seats and will be serving with me as trustees. I am excited about the future of CVUSD and greatly look forward to getting to work in December.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of the candidates who ran for school board. Eight candidates ran for three seats. Having now been through the experience, I know and appreciate how difficult campaigning can be at times. I respect anyone who steps forward. I have learned a lot from my fellow candidates, and hope to stay connected with them and carry some of their goals and insights forward. Again, thank you to the community for your support for my candidacy and for caring so deeply about the future of our Conejo students and schools.

Cindy Goldberg