Main issues

My primary goals in obtaining a seat on the CVUSD Board of Education include:

Advancing measurable student-centered outcomes.

Cultivating a united team of board trustees whose leadership will foster collaboration and mutual trust among themselves and all stakeholders.

Championing careful and transparent fiscal stewardship of district resources.

Student Centered Outcomes

Continue Advancing Measurable Student-Centered Outcomes (“Build upon our strengths”).  Keep the educational, social, and emotional needs of our students first. Safeguard educational quality and equity for all students by continuing work on closing achievement gap. Support unique programs that provide a variety of innovative, educational opportunities. Enhance school safety and security where appropriate and monitor/update campus protocols.

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United Team of Trustees

Cultivate a United Team of Board Trustees whose Leadership Fosters Collaboration and Mutual Trust among themselves and ALL Stakeholders.  Communicate and work effectively with district officials, site administrators and staff. Support a productive working relationship with students, parents, teachers and the community. Ensure that school board meetings are orderly and professional, allowing for and encouraging public comments as specified in the Brown Act and our board’s bylaws. Direct and support board activities to focus on solutions. Participate in trustee development and training, along with superintendent, to help ensure that best practices are being followed. Assure smooth and transparent district governance....

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Fiscal Stewardship

Provide Careful and Transparent Fiscal Stewardship of District Resources.  Ensure students continue to receive a high quality education while being responsible to the taxpayers. Promote innovation to keep our school district vital and attract students. Responsibly budget amidst fiscal uncertainty. Continue to build working partnerships with local colleges, businesses, and the community. Understand that public education is an important part of building and sustaining our quality of life in the Conejo Valley. Monitor compliance and keep the public informed of goals and progress.

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